Sun Valley Idaho Pump Track

While my family was in Idaho we had a few minutes between activities in the Sun Valley area. I know most experienced riders don’t care about pump tracks or small jump lines but I think they are great for learning and super fun. In sun valley there is a cool pump track a block away from downtown. 

When we pulled up to the park the sky was gremacing and it looked like rain. I decided to start riding as quickly as possible to maximize the time on track before the rain. Unfortunately, I had to replace my chain before riding because I broke it the previous day. I replaced the chanin in 5 minutes and after that we were riding. 

This park had an interesting design with a large roll in. This meant you got a good speed boost at the beginning but had to carry it through to finish on top at the end of the loop. My favorite line had a medium kicker with a smooth landing. You really had to ride hard to get rolling fast enough to clear the jump. You can see a video of me riding the jump below.

Corban jumping his bike

The other awesome feature this park had was the dirt. A light sprinkle of rain early in the day meant the dust was non-existent and all the berms felt super firm and grippy. After riding a lot of sand in Tahoe the week before, the clay like soil was a welcome change.

My wife also had a great time at the park and kept working on her jumps. She is starting to get baby air off the jumps and I’m so proud of her. She has come a long way as a rider since she started late last year. I’m so proud of how tough she is. Even when she falls she keeps a good attitude and usually has enough left in the tank to try again. She’ll just say “It’s a good thing I was wearing my pads”, or “I’m going to feel that tomorrow”.

So, if you are ever in Sun Valley with a bike I would recommend checking out this park. Great for little kids, new riders, and pros alike. The address is 700 2nd Ave, Ketchum, ID 83340

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